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It was a very impulsive buy.... :|
 I just was thinking about those amps and went to go look to see what was out there and bam!  :-o :-D This is an early one so I'm sure without the mod but what the heck.

I did finally get a full stack with the A&B cabs a couple years ago which was cool as heck 8-)

Actually all my vintage collection will be going up for sale in the near future.
Easy for the rest of us to resist. You already have them all!

Indeed...minus 2  :-o
Easy for the rest of us to resist. You already have them all!
Okay....think this thread started over 8 years ago!

My number 5 Enforcer this with 4X12 just purchased on its way!

Can't believe I'm still collecting them....but how can you resist!
Q & A / Re: Sunn Keyboard
« Last post by GILLMANROYCE on December 14, 2017, 09:22:11 am »
ACTUALLY, it was a Hammond M3 which was cut down and put into a Vox Continental Organ - looking black tolexed box for Merrilee (Rush) and The Turnabouts - Seattle circa 1966-70.  Don't remember if there was a Sunn logo on it or just plain. Not too many other N.W. keyboardists used one - if any. Most lugged the M3(Dynamics/Springfield Rifle) - I think Don Galluci( Don & The Goodtimes) used the B3. The M3 was cheaper & lighter to move and sounded much fuller than the Vox and most played sitting down( B3) if standing(M3).Some guys cut off the bottom of B3's - the phrase ' chopped Hammond ' became common. Sunn supplied the backline at the Teenage Spectaculars staged every summer at the old Seattle Coliseum - there probably was one there though I have a photo of The Springfield Rifle performing in front of a Sunn backline( they owned & played Fender Dual Showmans) but Terry Afdem is seen playing a Vox . I'd have to check my Sunn catalogs to see if they actually listed it.
Q & A / Re: unkown Sunn bass head need help identifying
« Last post by Isaac on December 12, 2017, 10:41:31 am »
Looks to me to be a Coliseum Bass amp, to which someone has added a graphic equalizer.
Q & A / Re: Alpha 112pr accessory "to" "from" proper use
« Last post by Isaac on December 12, 2017, 10:38:04 am »
I would assume that, as it's an accessory connection, that TO goes from the amp to the accessory input, and FROM is the return from the accessory output to the amp. If that didn't work, I'd try it the other way. Specifically, in your case, I'd go from the TO jack to the Zoom input, then to the looper, then from the looper back to the FROM jack on the amp.
Q & A / unkown Sunn bass head need help identifying
« Last post by joerockamora on December 11, 2017, 09:30:49 pm »
Hello, I'm Joe! Came across this Sunn Bass amp. It's got the folded 18 cerwin vega speakers as well. Only numbers I could find are these. 000328 any Help would be great hopefully the photos load. if not it also has a 10 band graphic eq and seems solid state. cheers!
Q & A / Alpha 112pr accessory "to" "from" proper use
« Last post by on December 11, 2017, 04:09:06 pm »
Just purchased a 112pr and love the sound. I am embarrassed to admit I do not know the best way to hook up a rc-30 looper and a zoom multi-effects pedal with my guitar or bass when presented with the Accessory "TO" "FROM option.

Q & A / Re: Sunn Model 14 Speakers and could they be used as a guitar cab?
« Last post by loudthud on December 04, 2017, 09:56:47 pm »
I'm not finding anything called a Model 14. Please post a picture.
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