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Q & A / Re: Sentura I restore - Need grill cloth, logo badge and replacment 0-10 knobs.
« Last post by D.M.N. on September 08, 2017, 04:49:49 pm »
Here's links for the corners:

Here's a link for the leather style handles:

I haven't found a proper replacement for the older plastic/rubber handles, but these are close and have the squarer end caps:

For name badge, this guy makes nice ones out of mother of pearl and ebony. Not exactly the OG replacement, but an option if you're interested:

Now for the grill cloth.

Someone posted my search efforts in the other thread. I very much would like to restore my cabs with the OG style, which I prefer over the later Fender-style. As such, the best I've found is the Acoustone 4540. It's not quite exact, in fact it's more a mirror of the original sunn grill cloth as you can see in my thread. I also believe it's a little less dense with a little less silver thread. Nonetheless, it's pretty close, and I'm pretty sure it's also what is on the recent Traynor reissues (which featured an almost identical cloth to Sunn mounted in a different orientation), although based on pictures it looks like their fabric might be slightly greyer/dense, more like the original. I've also noted old Ampeg grill cloth was fairly close as well. However, in trying to source Ampeg grill cloth currently, I don't believe the grill available from Fliptops is close to either the original Ampeg fabric or Sunn (in fact I suspect there's a fair amount of variability in the Ampeg cloth runs, as it looks different than even some recent heads using purportedly the same cloth). I'll update my thread with comparison photos later today. So, as of right now, the best recommendation for closest match to the original grill is Acoustone 4540. I'll update my thread further if I ever hear back from Traynor's supplier, Foss Mfc.
Q & A / Re: Sentura I restore - Need grill cloth, logo badge and replacment 0-10 knobs.
« Last post by Isaac on September 07, 2017, 07:16:22 am »
I'm confused. What part of this is irresponsible?  :evil:
This thread is highly relevant to my interests-- I am about to do something irresponsible-- a friend of mine has a near-mint 200S in his garage taking up space. I have a bit of disposable income. See where this is going? Took a decent look at it and the only problems seem to be corrosion on the hard-corners and handle end-- did I mention that the bottom has D140f's in it? Once I get it where I can field-strip it I'll take a flock of photos-- I know I've seen the corners and handles for sale somewhere-- I've given up hope of restoring the 2000S box, it has turned into the piece of gear in the back of the truck that chews pieces out of other gear (this may have been by design)--
Q & A / Re: SB-200 Bass Amp Dating and Value?
« Last post by EdBass on August 29, 2017, 05:50:06 am »
Looks like it's just pre-Fender, mid 80's. Nice preamp, kind of advanced for '85ish feature set, looks to be pretty versatile. I would have expected a hard date on that inspection sticker.
Maybe a Concert series based power section, 200 watts into a 4 ohm load?

Won't find many around, Sunn was pretty much on auto pilot in that era, erratic low volume production.
As far as what it's worth, I'd say whatever you are willing to pay and the seller will take. It's not a collectable, sought after, or even cult following Sunn model, not one of the "prestige" models that bring big bucks, which is not to say it's crap, it might be a kick ass bass combo.
Do you like the way it sounds? I personally wouldn't consider parting with 4 bills to have it, but I would say if you think it sounds like 400 of your dollars or better buy it; but be willing to make it a keeper, because with the far more popular and well known Concert series amps only averaging 2-325ish bucks, the market for $400 SB series amps is pretty much non existent.
Q & A / SB-200 Bass Amp Dating and Value?
« Last post by MikeTheRed on August 28, 2017, 06:15:28 pm »
My search-fu is weak tonight, need some help.

This is an SB-200 listed for sale in my area for $400.

He said he purchased it used in the early 2000s.

Is there any way to tell the manufacture year from these images?

What is something like this worth? I could only find one previously sold model.
Classified / Sunn 200S FS
« Last post by Flip Downy on August 26, 2017, 10:52:11 am »
Time has come...
Stock 200S is up for sale.  I planned on restoring it but cant afford to and dont have the time.  Having a horrible custody battle with the x wif so it must go.
700.00 plus shipping

Works just fine except a sputtering sound during shutdown.  All the pics are too large so i gotta edit them or i can email them as well.
DIY / Re: Help with 1x15 build
« Last post by eddiemac on August 24, 2017, 04:03:40 pm »
Well said, boulderbass.
Q & A / Re: SPL 1226 Question
« Last post by Isaac on August 24, 2017, 03:37:54 pm »
I'd go with whatever it says on the back, at least until I'd measured it myself.
Q & A / SPL 1226 Question
« Last post by xtimx on August 23, 2017, 07:01:13 pm »
I have a pair of these 2x15's and i can't seem to find a manual or any info on line of power handling rms/peak. i did read somewhere they're 4 ohm but the back says 8 ohms so I'm not sure on that either.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Q & A / Re: Sunn Sentura II Lighted Power Switch Wiring
« Last post by Stratmanx on August 23, 2017, 08:11:52 am »

Any idea if this will work ?
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