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Q & A / Silverface Concert Lead Circuit Breaker Tripping!
« Last post by georgec64 on February 20, 2017, 07:13:35 pm »
Greetings friends,

I've been having a problem with my Silverface Concert Lead. Played the amp at a moderate volume and it turned off—no red light or anything. Opened it up and noticed a faulty circuit breaker. It looked like on the top of the red button of the circuit breaker was the number 11, which I assumed meant an 11 amp circuit breaker.

I bought one online and put it in. Now, the amp powers on for a few seconds then trips the breaker. Perhaps my amp is drawing too much power?? Except the weird thing is that I have looked at friend's silver faces and the number on the circuit breaker has been different on each one! Mine says 11, though I've seen amps with 12 and 13 amp circuit breakers.

Will probably take this amp in, unless anyone has experienced a similar problem and has succeeded in fixing it? Amp technicians tend to steer away from concert leads, so if there's any way i can fix this that's be very kool. Thanks
Classified / Re: Original Sunn Power Transformer (by Western Transf.) for sale
« Last post by Watson on February 16, 2017, 07:10:39 am »
I sent you a PM. Thx
Classified / Sunn 415M 4x15 Bass Cabinet For Sale
« Last post by jayochs on February 13, 2017, 10:09:40 am »
Hey guys, new here.  Looking to put out some feelers for a 415M I've got that I'm looking to sell.  I'm located on the shore of NJ, and I'd probably only do local pickup because this thing weighs like 130 pounds, and shipping that is a damn nightmare...besides the fact it's in my basement and I need to find someone to help me get it out, anyway! lol.

either way, I've had it for about 12 years now, and I've brought it to a few gigs when I played live from 2010 and 2011, but other than that, it's been in my basement for years.  Sounds good, speakers are original and work fine, in decent shape for a 70's cabinet, and has all 4 casters on it.  Looking to get rid of it mainly because I want something much smaller (2x10 or 4x10) that has a horn so I can get some honky mid-high range sounds out of it.

I run it w/ a GK Backline 600 and it's LOUD as hell.  and idk why people say these things have no low end, because I find this thing to have tons..then again, I never owned a 4x10 so i don't know.

either way, in looking to sell it, I'd probably be looking around $600 or so.  What's everyone's thoughts?  And is anyone interested?

Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by PDXDOOM on February 05, 2017, 12:03:49 pm »
 :-D haha, nice! I believe this cab is an early 70's model from what I can find so it is weird they would use only screws but judging from your photo I'm going to use some bolts, washers and some nylon locking nuts and should be in good shape so I don't damage the wood. Thanks for the info man, much appreciated!
Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by EdBass on February 05, 2017, 09:30:39 am »
Wow, That doesn't look good at all. My gear is almost all Sundholm era stuff, maybe Hartzell went with wood screws as a cost saving maneuver or something.  I agree with you about the lack of durability, if it were me I would say damn the originality and use t nuts.

I called the head cab nut as an acorn, but I did it by "braille" because I was sitting next to a 200S in my office. On further investigation it's this;

It felt like a pointy acorn nut to my callused bass pluckin' fingers...  :wink:

Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by PDXDOOM on February 04, 2017, 11:02:49 pm »
So I took a look inside the cab and I see zero evidence of either t-nuts or bolts being used with bolts, or even a washer and a bolt. It seriously looks like the handles were screwed on from the way the roof is pushed out on the inside.  My only reservation with just using screws is I find it hard to believe you'd  be able to move this thing more than a few times with only 1 handle before they ripped off (which maybe is why it's missing in the first place?).
Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by Ryan Phelps on February 04, 2017, 09:31:10 pm »
I have never seen acorn nuts used on Sunn amp handles. Perhaps keps nuts or or more likely t-nuts. More importantly, for originality, you want to find a handle that is cosmetically similar to the original. Early Sunn amp handles were similar to Marshall handles....plastic strap handles with snap-on caps. Later handles were sewn vinyl with snap-on caps. The handles available on eBay are likely the closest to the originals you will find. If you find a better replacement, let us know!
Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by EdBass on February 02, 2017, 05:16:11 am »
My cab handles are attached with acorn nuts I believe, I know the head box handles are. What are the holes like on your cab? Should be pretty obvious if the handle was on with screws, or as you mentioned T nuts.
Q & A / Re: 70's padded cabinet handle hardware
« Last post by PDXDOOM on February 01, 2017, 08:00:58 pm »
Anyone? I assume you're all on this forum because you have Sunn gear so someone has to know how the handles are attached.
Q & A / Concert lead footswitch
« Last post by Mostfinder on February 01, 2017, 12:38:23 pm »
I recently got my hands on a '76 Concert Lead head. I'd like to get a footswitch going, but since the originals aren't that cheap or common, I've decided to make one on my own.
The footswitch jack is very weird though, it is some kind of 7 pole XLR-contact:

If I'd take a regular footswitch, like this one, and slap on a fitting 7 pole contact, would it work, or would it damage the amp?
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