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Title: Bright cap on Model T / why no Model T clone threads?
Post by: _peter on May 16, 2017, 04:43:25 am

a friend of mine has a first generation Model T with one tremendous and several minor modifications.

Sometime around the eighties someone installed an additional small transformer and a 12V power supply.
Looks like West German parts as far as I can tell. The worst thing is, he added switches and LEDs to the faceplate.

Regarding the minor mods, I was able to change those back to stock. Only thing I am not sure about is a bright cap
on the "Brite" chanel's volume. According to the schematic there shouldn't be one. But it looks pretty much original.
Many manufacturers in the old days changed the circuit of their amps without updating the schematics.

So is it possible that there are Model Ts with a bright cap? Have you seen this? Does yours have one?

Title: Re: Bright cap on Model T / why no Model T clone threads?
Post by: _peter on May 16, 2017, 04:59:29 am
The other questions is:

There are a few Model T clones out there but I never read any post of someone who actually owns one.
Searching this forum for "Reval" didn't show any results and if you search for "Jessup" you get asked
whether you really wanted to search for "Jesus" instead.  :evil:

Is there anyone who got his hands on one of those and could compare them to an original Model T?
Or are those clones kind of untrue/uncool around SUNN enthusiasts here?