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Title: check out this mutant...
Post by: Rancho Rauncho on September 03, 2015, 08:31:44 pm

Essentially a Fender Studio Bass in Sunn 2000s drag, however, I think this(with the 6x6L6 configuration)may have appeared way before the FSB. The Plush/Earth Sound Research timeline is a bit shrouded in mystery, but the company started out sometime in 1968/69, with the psuedo-Kustom tuck'nroll(but Fender clone guts); the company moved from Long Island, New York to Santa Fe Springs, CA(between LA and Orange County)in the early/mid 70's, morphed into the 'Earth' brand, adopted Peavey cosmetics and issued some solid state, before fading away entirely(perhaps ducking some lawsuits). Also, like Peavey, they issued some 50's Fender-esque tweed style guitar amps. Now, I have seen an Earth branded head that resembled an 200s, but this is the first 'Plush' I've come across that looked like that. The 3000B was originally issued with the tuck and roll, which had a slightly different look from Kustoms. The company was a bit sneaky with their advertising; they provided backline for one or two gigs with the Jeff Beck Group(Rod and Ron era)and used the event as a massive photo op for their ads, always plastered in 'zines like Hit Parader. I have a feeling Jeff and Woody didn't have much say in their "endorsement".
Title: Re: check out this mutant...
Post by: Walt-Dogg on September 06, 2015, 12:40:49 pm
Here's one with the original tuck 'n roll style head box covering. (