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DIY / Re: Closest SUNN Model T clone ever?
« Last post by AjaxLepinski on December 04, 2017, 07:27:53 pm »
WOW!  That is a fantastic job!!!  MAJOR WOODIE!!! 
Q & A / Sunn Model 14 Speakers and could they be used as a guitar cab?
« Last post by ShitFisto on December 04, 2017, 03:13:04 pm »
So I picked up a pair of Sunn Model 14 Speakers from Craigslist a few days ago and the only issue with them is they cannot register low frequencies cause the original owner of them chopped out the subwoofers (more than likely to make transportation easier).
My question is how could I run these speakers as a guitar cab? I have a power amplifier if need be and I have a Boss Katana Head. What I found when running the Boss Katana Head through the speakers was that when I tried to play my guitar these poor speakers were just releasing a harsh rattling. Could they need to be fixed? I'm really stumped here guys.
General Discussion / Hibish Design builds a Beta Lead clone - thoughts?
« Last post by measurestaken on December 01, 2017, 01:35:11 pm »
I gotta say, this thing looks pretty kickass. Granted, I could probably find a Beta Lead for less, but I can only imagine how much air this would move. Any thoughts from the team?
Q & A / Re: SUNN 300T one green LED turns red
« Last post by _peter on November 29, 2017, 07:02:12 am »
Hi Stewen,

did you try swapping the corresponding tube with the one next to it?
If the other LED changes color now, then the tube is the problem.
If it's still the same LED, then the fault is in the circuit.

Cheers, Peter
Classified / selling Sunn Model 5 PA speakers
« Last post by markko1962 on November 27, 2017, 06:43:56 pm »
Hi. I have for sale 2 Sunn Model 5 PA speakers for sale. All original except for One speaker in each cabinet. The speakers are loud and proud. I am scaling down my gear to get a few other items. Let me know if interested. I am asking 200 for the pair. I live in NE ohio and I do have the means to ship via LTL truck freight. They are about 99 lbs each.
Q & A / Re: 70s (vibrato/Reverb) footswitch wiring
« Last post by GrannyGremlin on November 27, 2017, 12:08:23 pm »
So I cleaned her up and decided to improve on the original (got extra poles on the switches anyway) by adding indicator LEDs


And after:

Ryan,will you sell me 1 of the Rogan knobs? I only need 1......
Q & A / SUNN 300T one green LED turns red
« Last post by Stewen on November 23, 2017, 05:45:03 pm »
Hallo !    This is my first post here and my problem is a MYSTERY !!    The amp has one bicolour LED  ( green /red)  for each pair of the six powertubes .  At start all three LEDS  glow red . After stand by on all turns green .....  but after 3-4 minutes one of them  (  for V9+V10)  turns back to red.   The green part of each "doubleLED"  is driven by a 2N4401  transistor .  All three transistors are OK.
Resistorchain 220k+220k + 4,7k to ground are OK.   At first all green LEDs show about 2,2 VDC at its anode ,  but after 3-4 minutes this anodevoltage slowly starts to raise up to about 3,6 VDC
and the red lights up .   The 4,7 k resistor has its upper end to the base of the transistor.   Please look at the schematic .   The only thing I can imagine is that the internal resistance in the green
LED is increasing and in a way therefore is chooking the transistor .....  That in turn increases the voltage to the gred side which turns on .      Id be very happy for some advice here .....
Im very  puzzled  .   The usual fault which shall turn the LED back to red is the connected fuse of 100mA to break or that the high voltage to the actual tubepair have gone away.....  or some
fault with the tubes involved .   A broken fuse here will disconnect the actual pair of tubes and the amp can still work with four outputtubes .......  In my case here nothing is wrong with the tubes
I just want all the "doubleLEDs to work properly.                                 Thanks for all comments                   Regards  Stewen
Classified / Sunn Model T First gen
« Last post by on November 19, 2017, 06:33:08 pm »
New tubes. New resistors. Plays great. Amp guru went through and fixed everything. It has some surface pitting on chrome surfaces, but that is to be expected. I am not going to do chrome paint or any dishonest practice.  Photos are on Daytona Beach  I live in New Smyrna Beach,FL. I have had this amp for 15 years. Asking $2000.00 or best offer. Prefer local pickup. I can arrange shipment through local music store or Guitar Center (I don't know if GC will do that but I know local honest music stores that will check amp and ship for a fee).
Q & A / Re: Sunn Sceptre Cabinet Driver question. Which drivers are original?
« Last post by Whipsaw on November 18, 2017, 08:02:54 am »
Thanks for your input Granny and Ed. I'm going to wait for a driver to show up matching the other 3 exactly. The cabinet is definitely worth putting new drivers into at some time in the future. I have a vintage Deluxe Reverb (1979) that I had blackfaced.... the 1969 Sunn Jensen C12N will go in that rather than the Italian Jensen C12N I put in it and see what the difference is.
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