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Q & A / Re: Resurrecting a Beta 402 Cab
« Last post by FreddiThunderbastard on January 29, 2017, 11:26:31 am »
I'd like to take it up to a 16Ω cab, that's the reason I picked up the 16Ω celestions. I'll be running my Sunn Coliseum PA through it primarily. No plan to daisy chain any other cabs to it, justing setting this up as a stand alone cab.
Q & A / Re: Resurrecting a Beta 402 Cab
« Last post by EdBass on January 29, 2017, 10:45:33 am »
Do you want to keep it a 4Ω cab? If so, just wire two sets of 2 drivers in parallel and then wire those two pairs in parallel to the jack. Your only practical options with those drivers in that cab are 4Ω or 16Ω, and I think that choice should be determined by what amp you are driving the cab with, combined with whether or not your plan is to daisy chain another cab(s) to your 402. 

I'm a fan of using the heaviest gauge copper I can practically use.
Q & A / Resurrecting a Beta 402 Cab
« Last post by FreddiThunderbastard on January 29, 2017, 09:38:58 am »
Hello all,

I'm in the process of resurrecting a Sunn Beta 402 cab that was left as a sad empty shell. I've loading it up with 4 x Celestion V30s 16 ohm and having noticed the original cab was a 4 ohm set up, I need to rewire it.

I've had a look around at some 4x12 16 ohm speaker set ups but I'm just wondering if there is a recommended wiring set up for this cab as it's got the input socket and also a set of Parallel / Serial sockets for output too.

If I'm going to do this up I'd like to do it right so any advice would be great, also is 18 gauge wire going to be ok for the set up?

Thanks Again.

Classified / Re: 215 Beta Bass Combo
« Last post by Delongpredannon on January 21, 2017, 10:45:44 am »
I also have one. Picture looks the same. My switch is bad and needs replaced, and the speakers have sizable rips in them but still work like a dream.  A bowel loosening dream. I have many projects going and have yet to purchase the new switch.  I am not sure what speakers I want to throw in it to replace the ripped ones but I also like the idea of playing them till they die  And getting them reconed. I can't really find any info on them and they have no logo on them and the numbers (that I don't remember) returned no results when searched online. This cab was super cheaply made and I bet I could make an exact replica for less than 150 dollars.  The head is what matters obviously and it does sound like sweet magic.   I remember when I got it off cl a few years ago.  I took a bunch of bing rips and plugged my Les Paul into it and  played it for hours.   Then the switch broke a few months ago and then I turned into a full time drummer.

I like long walks on the beach and stuff. 

 I found a good deal on a hilbish design preamp and wanted to compare them for myself and I have to say, I am impressed.  Sounds identical. I've been using them with my guitar cab and guitar and love it. 

He literally just started making a full amp.  I'm sure it's just as amazing as the preamp. I'd post a picture. It it looks identical to the one above
Classified / Re: Looking for Power Transformer
« Last post by Lefty Bass Player on January 18, 2017, 11:29:18 pm »
I have some NOS Sunn hybrid PT, these are from the 70s and the manufactures part #394-P6
...8318203 here are the secondary voltages, these are large transformers

2xblue=114vrms.....for the tube preamp
3 wire=red-red/yel-red=42.8vrmsx2....for the solid state power amp
2xyellow=28.5vrms....for? filament

Hope this helps: Martin
Q & A / Re: SX-6350
« Last post by Isaac on January 07, 2017, 01:07:21 pm »
I don't know anything about it, either, but a quick search told me that it's an SX6350, not SX-6350. Might help your search.

Unless I'm sorely mistaken, this unit contains no tubes, based on its appearance, which to my eye puts it well past the era of tube PA heads. This site lists a power amp schematic. Again, no tubes.

Other people selling similar units say it's 350 watts at 4 ohms.
Q & A / SX-6350
« Last post by FistMissile on January 06, 2017, 06:23:04 pm »
Howdy folks.

I just picked up an sx-6350.  I know nothing about it.

What can you tell me?  How do I maintain it?  Is there tubes?  Is there fuses?  Is there some part I may need to have checked?

I can find no technical specifications on the Internet about this amp.

Q & A / Re: Sunn Alpha Four & Sunn Model 1 PA speaker ohm load
« Last post by EdBass on January 02, 2017, 08:09:45 am »
According to the schematic posted by Loudthud a few years back, the Alpha outputs are wired in parallel; just like pretty much every other amp on the planet.

You can wire any number or configuration of speakers you want just don't drop under 4 ohms impedance, higher impedance is fine as far as keeping the amp happy but you will diminish the amps output, and stress/heat, as the impedance increases.
The wattage rating of the speakers have no influence on the amps performance or longevity, but generally speaking the higher the rated watts are on a speaker the less efficient (sensitivity) the speaker is, and a lower sensitivity speaker will make less SPL than a higher sensitivity speaker will with the same amp.

TS connectors, and the lower the gauge the better; gauge gets more important as the length of the cable increases. That said, with standard connectors gauges under 12-14 can be tough to work with.
Q & A / Sunn Alpha Four & Sunn Model 1 PA speaker ohm load
« Last post by Shakou on January 01, 2017, 09:59:59 pm »
Hello all, I have recently acquired a Sunn Alpha Four (A4) several months ago and when it blew about 2 months back because of a faulty outlet (house built in the 60s, guy above me plugged a clothing dryer in and bam... what am I going to do?).  I paid top dollar to have it serviced because I fully appreciate what Im working with here and currently I power through a Furman Rack Conditioner, and I want to take really good care of it so I need some pointers towards safe practice in cabbing the amp, especially when I noticed that after visiting the repair shop the bottom plate (which is hooked into the transformer ground) was getting really hot as i was playing it guitar > pedal board > Head > 2 Sunn Model 1 50w @ 16 ohms speaker cabs, upon realization of the imbalance my fear was and is that I am improperly cabbing and causing an extreme imbalance and pushing the A4 too hard. and after a most of the day searching online to no success, i figured i'd try my luck here. 

I have some general questions regarding the 100w Solid State A4 head speaker output channels, much like other Sunn products it has 1 and 2 outs for stereo 4 ohm impedence (minimum). I need to understand if Sunn products with these 2 channel speaker outputs are wired parallel or series... for instance if i put 8 ohm load on A4.o1, and 8 ohm load on A4.o2 am i looking at a 4 ohm total load on the A4 head?

secondly how do the Sunn Model 1 wiring plates work? the speaker backplate says both outputs SM1.o1 & SM1.o2  are "wired together" but that does not convey if it is parallel wired or series wired. can i plug SM1.1 into SM1.2 and constitute an 8 ohm parallel load or is it 32 because its a series "addition" will both severely damage my amp?

if I want to daisy chain lets say 4 Sunn Model 1 cabs (i have 3 now) going A4.o1 > SM1.1 16 ohms > SM1.2 16 ohms ,  and A4.o2> SM1.3 16 ohms >SM1.4 16 ohms, would that constitute a proper 4 ohm impedance on the A4 and prevent overheating / damage? in the same configuration each speaker says its good for 50 w of continuous power, if the A4 is a solid state 100w by plugging in in this configuration would i be drawing 100 or 200w with 4 PA cabs or will that blow the amp?

On the sunn model 1s they have 2 ports that are "wired together to daisy chain into other cabs, if I have 4 model 1s, would it be safe to put 2 on alpha four channel 1 and 2 on a4 channel 2 for a maximum of 4 ohms running parallel on the alpha four side?

Cables - I've noticed the speakers work with TRS and Mono... but they should be wired with a true 1/4 " 16 gauge ts "speaker wire" am i doing something wrong by using trs instead of mono as is standard with certain cabs?

If you can offer me some answers I'd be very grateful there is little to no information on this product only that it's a monster of sound
Classified / Re: Looking for Power Transformer
« Last post by Kossandr on December 30, 2016, 10:29:24 pm »
It's a Solos, which is actually a hybrid tube preamp, solid state power. The later Solos II's were all solid state. But yeah, I think (from what I can gather from reading online) the power transformers Sunn used in their all tube amps were different.

Unless someone on here knows something different than what I've managed to uncover...
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