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Just to add something I left out. Don of Don and the goodtimes had a new tolex style M3 in 1967-1968. After that he had the B3 version made. This was just after they had finished Filming where the action is for Dick Clark.
  OK. I lived 32 miles from the sunn Factory. I was just starting to play in a band. I went to as many shows as I could. First sunn organ ( M3) was to my knowledge used by Don of Don and the Goodtimes. He was the original keyboard player for the Kingsman and most likely had it made when he was with them. This was 1966. The covering was they're old style tolex. The sunn logo on the organ was they're first style. He used a Tolex covered Leslie (old style tolex) with Old style name plate.  Just after this the keyboard player for the Wailers (Seattle) showed up with one. This had the new style tolex. He was also playing this on the front cover of they're Sunn catalogue 1967. After this the Gentleman Wild (Portland) got one. Next Don of Don and the goodtimes had a B3 converted (1968). That was the only one made. The last Sunn organ (M3) was made for my bands keyboard player, Dan Waters. His was being made as Sunn got the notice from hammond. They finished his and that was it. He still owns his to this day. BTY the legs for all the organs were made at midus from muffler pipe. They had the best way to bend the legs. Unlike the other organs Dan's had a volume peddle. You will notice that the other organ had the amp on top of the organ. That was how they controlled the volume. Another fact was the Silver disks that were on the back of the organ that held the 1/4" plugins were from the hardware store and were used in sliding closet doors. Also several of them on the back of the organ were fake and just for looks. Hope this fills in some gaps.
Q & A / Re: 1200s Weak Tremolo
« Last post by Tdlunsfo on Today at 10:47:55 am »
I made some changes to overcome my tremolo issue. The datacell ended up being good as tested from the bench supply. I changed resistor R115 from a 1.5k down to a 360 ohm. This gave me more deflection in the tremolo amplitude and it sounds normal again. I am suspecting weak transistors and the new resistor gives me more current. I have an issue with my scope at the moment and can't tell if I am sending Q103 into saturation. I could had tried changing the transistors but I got tired of fooling with it and I am happy with the work around. Just in case someone has a similar issue..I will report back if this gives me problems down the road.
Classified / Re: Sunn 415M 4x15 Bass Cabinet For Sale
« Last post by trife_diesel on April 25, 2017, 01:43:25 pm »
have you sold this yet?
SUNN Sightings / Re: SUNN......John Lennon with Chuck Berry
« Last post by EdBass on April 25, 2017, 06:12:52 am »
Thank God someone had the foresight to kill Yoko's mic for Johnny B. Goode. They say Love is Blind; in John Lennon's case I think it must have been deaf also...  :-D
SUNN Sightings / SUNN......John Lennon with Chuck Berry
« Last post by mc2 on April 23, 2017, 07:36:30 pm »

So....the day Lennon met Berry, the bass player was using a SUNN 2000S rig.

Looks like Elephants Memory, the band that backed Lennon on many of his NYC era preformances and recordings.

Special Note:  That famous quote that has been attributed to Lennon of "If they gave rock & roll another name it would be Chuck Berry" from this appearance and is actually READ BY LENNON OFF A TELEPROMPTER. So, while he said it, it appears to. Ot have actually been his words.

Also of Note: John Lennon and Chuck Berry are both dead, yet Yoko lives on. UGh!!
Bands Using SUNN / Shield of Faith at the tiki in Costa Mesa,Ca
« Last post by claytoy on April 23, 2017, 12:05:12 am »
My two 215SH's - this time side by side but other times on each side of the drummer.  I love my bass amp
Q & A / Re: 1200s Weak Tremolo
« Last post by Tdlunsfo on April 22, 2017, 06:35:17 am »
I have similar issue with mine. The rate washes out around 7/8. It's pulsing faster on the scope but you cant hear it through the speaker. Intensity doesnt really show till about 5. It's just not that deep of a tremolo. I'm considering rewiring this thing back to the earlier rev to see if that helps. The cds is pretty simple. The signal comes off the 12ax7 plate to the cds cell, out of the cds cell to the tone stack. Not much to go wrong there. Maybe my light isn't bright enough in the trem bug? I guess I could mess with some of the resistances in driver transistors to see if it makes a change. I'll check my rivets again but already tried this when I was chasing a hum problem earlier. I may just solder all of them just to be thorough.
Q & A / Re: 1200s Weak Tremolo
« Last post by GrannyGremlin on April 22, 2017, 05:42:11 am »
The trem is a bit subtle.  And finicky.  But when it works it is pretty nice.

There is also an issue with the ground around it due to the rivetted terminal strip.  The rivet is on the ground terminal (obviously) and does work it's way loose over time causing intermittent conenction.  Drill it out; clean off the area (oxidisation) and replace with a machine screw with toothed lock washer digging into the chassis a bit.

Another issue I have found with mine is that sometimes the trem doesn't work on the signal, but on the noise, and the depth works in reverse (rate is non-linear/jumpy).  I think someone may have crossed some wires at some point in the history of mine.  When this happens sometimes the reverb stops working too (they share a recovery amp).
Q & A / 1200s Weak Tremolo
« Last post by Tdlunsfo on April 22, 2017, 04:41:16 am »
Ok, need a peer check on a tremolo circuit on my 1200s. I recently recapped this amp and got it running but the tremolo is weak. Suspecting a voltage issue I checked the F supply voltage and zener and it's good at 23v. All tremolo resistors check good. I have good ESRs on all oscillator caps. Concerned with the signal path at this point I begin matching it to the schematic, that's when I realized this is wired more like a 190L with the trem bug moved to second stage plate of the 12AX7. The speed and intensity pots work and I can see it on my scope, but for some reason the bulb isn't translating into large voltage swings in the cds cell. Transistors check good on my dmm. I don't know what else to look at and at this point I think I have a weak trim bug. I do see one for sale on eBay but they are the Sigma datacell -6 version instead of -12. I have 6 volts across the bulb, think I could swing the -6 trem bug if I lower my bulb voltage? Welcome any thoughts or suggestions.
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