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Q & A / Re: Newer 215 bass cabs vs Older
« Last post by GrannyGremlin on July 06, 2018, 09:20:06 am »
Garnet up in Canada did that too (compression drivers in guitar cabs, often mated with 1-2 12" or a single 15").

They also did a couple reflex horn (sideways 215S style) cabs.

As well as this obvious take on Acoustics horn loaded cabs:

Q & A / Re: Sunn Stinger 100 Amp
« Last post by EdBass on July 06, 2018, 04:39:44 am »
All of that era Sunn stuff was Fender products wearing Sunn clothes. Some pretty cool gear, some not, but Fender all the way through. Very few guitars, I believe they were made alongside Squiers,
The Sunnder 300T bass amp and T50 guitar amps are pretty cool amps IMO; Fender to the core, but cooler looking in their Sunn clothes.
Q & A / Re: Newer 215 bass cabs vs Older
« Last post by EdBass on July 06, 2018, 04:29:00 am »
I've always thought those old Acoustic bass rigs looked bad *ss. Transistors and compression drivers for guitar, what a concept!
Q & A / Re: Newer 215 bass cabs vs Older
« Last post by eddiemac on July 06, 2018, 02:49:44 am »
Yeah, I remember seeing Albert King on several occasions playing through a big, tall Acoustic amp with a horn near the top.  It worked for him.
Q & A / Re: Sunn Stinger 100 Amp
« Last post by Blue1Solo on July 05, 2018, 03:58:06 pm »
EdBass.. channel one is clean..sunn type clean.different from two has good break up w/reverb and for a amp its size, it can  get really loud..enough for a small to medium club gig with a heavy handed drummer. many people say its close to fenders red knob style amps of the 80s-90s..and I have used and played through many different amps..tubes and solid state..and how it sounds to me is close to fenders stage lead 100..but..that my opinion! Sound is Very Subjective! (I did not know that Sunn had a Guitar line!)Thanks.
Q & A / Re: Newer 215 bass cabs vs Older
« Last post by EdBass on July 04, 2018, 12:39:41 pm »
I think the Alnico motored JBL MI drivers were phased out for the E series in the late 70's. As Isaac says, every 200S cabinet had D140F's; except for maybe some special order artist requested pieces. The 200S cab had been replaced by the 215S before the E series JBL's were introduced.
The Sentura II had a 2 X D130F cab, but the 100S came with a single D130F and a compression horn. Sounds kinda weird by today's guitar cabinet configurations, but Sunn wasn't the only one doing that in those days. There were Casinos and some early Acoustic guitar amps doing it as well.
Q & A / Re: Sunn Stinger 100 Amp
« Last post by EdBass on July 04, 2018, 12:24:16 pm »
I saw one for sale at a music store some years ago, it had been traded in along with a Sunn Mustang guitar. Interesting to me as a representation of Fender trying to get some ROI on their acquisition of Sunn perspective, but not enough to actually consider buying a licensed out Asian "Sunnder" transistor combo.
Hows it sound?
Q & A / Re: Sunn Stinger 100 Amp
« Last post by Isaac on July 04, 2018, 07:12:39 am »
I can't help. Never heard of it before.
Q & A / Sunn Stinger 100 Amp
« Last post by Blue1Solo on July 03, 2018, 02:36:52 pm »
My Grandson picked me up a Sunn Stinger 100 Amp that I have been trying to find out information about. I contacted Sunn/Fender and all they had was a owners manual that they sent to me. I do not know the age of this amp,and from what I understand from others that it did not have a fan base. On the back of the amp, theirs a sticker ST-100 01123. also on the frame it says Fender Musical Instruments, Brea,California. It also has a Fender QC Sticker..Also on the top right states Made in Taiwan! So..what do I got here? Thanks.
Q & A / Re: Newer 215 bass cabs vs Older
« Last post by Isaac on July 02, 2018, 08:30:04 am »
As far as I know, Sunn never used JBL E130 drivers, or any E series drivers at all. They started off with the D series, using the D140 for bass speakers and the D130 for guitar. Often, the same cabinet was used, with different drivers, depending on the intended use. The 200S was a bass amp, so the cabinet would have been loaded with D140 drivers. The identical cabinet, loaded with D130s, might have come with the 100S guitar head or the Sonic II. At some point, Sunn had JBL create the D15S, which was basically a Sunn branded D130.

JBL discontinued the D series and replaced them with the K series around 1972, by which time Sunn had stopped using JBL drivers. I haven't been able to find when JBL introduced the E series, but that was several years later, and Sunn had long since gone to the Sunn Transducer and Magna drivers.

What we think of as the 200S cabinet, then, could have been any of several Sunn cabinets, depending on which amp it came with, and might have had JBL D130 or D140 drivers in it. Unfortunately, the cabinets didn't have any identification on them. I have a 200S rig that I bought from the original owner, so I know that one is a 200S cabinet! Still has the original D140s in it, too.
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