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Weber 6S100
« on: December 12, 2008, 01:46:48 pm »
Sunn Fans,
For those of you interested in building a Sunn-like amp, check out Ted Weber's 6S100. While not a Sunn copy it does utilize a pair of KT88's and one-each 12AX7 preamp, EF86 tone-stack recovery and 12AU7 phase inverter. Ted's amps aren't for beginners. so get some tech help unless you've worked on tube amps before. Ted sources many of his parts from China and they typically strike a good balance between quality and price. Transformers and chassis are nice and beefy. I built a 6M18 (an 18 watt Marshall 2x10 combo) Weber kit and it really sounds great. You'l find his website at No affiliation, just a satisfied customer!

Good Luck!