Author Topic: APOCALYPSO ROCKS WITH SUNN (swings, too)  (Read 785 times)

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« on: February 02, 2003, 05:10:27 am »
My 300T and 410H put the bottom on Apocalypso.  For really big rooms I add a 215S cabinet.  I use a Fender Hotrod Precision Bass and one of two Carvin BB75's (one is fretless with flatwound strings).  The 300T balanced line out has pleased all sound folks I've used it with.  Once they hear it they don't even try to make me use a DI box.  Also, I have gotten away from using a Sound City B120 head in tandem with the 300T.  The 300T (which I set flat with the graphic EQ off, but make full use of the compressors) just does the job so well.  Most people who comment on the bass sound either never heard of Sunn, or they are ecstatic to hear somebody playing one.  Go figure.  The sound is so very powerful, not a thing like the current hybrids.  I like it.  So does the audience.  It sounds really good.  I put Svet 6550C's in it about eight months ago.  Stand back.
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