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Beta Bass Combo
« on: October 26, 2016, 06:34:40 pm »
I've just acquired a late 70's Beta Bass Combo.  Cosmetically, it's in real good shape.  What appears to be the original 15" speaker will need to be rebuilt.  Two pot stems are broken off at the face.  Guy that I got it from says that it kept blowing fuses.  Nothing is missing other than the knobs for the 2 broken pot shafts.  Corners, handle, wheels, tolex, cord wrap and grill cloth are all real good. I've got very little in it, so I'm wondering if it's worth spending some dollars on it to get it to function again???   :-)

PS - I forgot to mention that this purportedly came from Mickey Newbury's lake house referred to many times over the years as Old Hickory Lake.
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"You can't have too much bass."