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Sunn Enforcer $1500 SOLD
« on: May 07, 2016, 01:45:11 pm »
Im selling a Sunn Enforcer head with matching 4x12 cabinet.
$1500 in Los Angeles. not willing to ship.
craigslist ad link below.

As far as ive researched this the Model used by Ted Nugent and the last Of the Sunn amps to be made by Sunn before they sold out to Fender. Extremely rare Sunn Enforcer from about 1980. They say their were maybe only around 150 of these made and most were actually combo amps. This one may be of the rarest because it comes with the matching 4x12 cabinet.
It has two channels one is the Fender Twin channel and the other is the JCM 800 which both can be run at the same time!

Its a little beat up cosmetically but its still kicking serious ass.

An ebay listing for the head alone just sold for $1,899.99 on May 6th!

A rare and powerful amp from Sunn; one of the last produced prior to their buyout from Fender. This one is called the ENFORCER. A high-quality amp that has established a nice niche audience over the years. Around 100 are said to have been built, and Ted Nugent uses a modified version called the Penetrator for his shows. This is America's hand-wired, all-tube response to the beefy 100w Marshall; at least, it equals if not surpasses the most ideal examples from across the pond.

Has a pure amp tone at low volumes, and really opens up once you crank the knob. Perfect for doom or stoner rock because you get tons of big fat fuzzed out gain and never ending sustain.

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Re: Sunn Enforcer $1500
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2016, 07:33:30 am »
The dude who paid all the money on eBay had near instant buyer's remorse and it's been pretty widely acknowledged that he way, way overpaid.

How do you know that the buyer "had near instant buyer's remorse"? Were you the buyer?
Also, by whom was it "pretty widely acknowledged that he way, way overpaid"? Who is this group of Sunn value experts that got together and decided that what a retail buyer decided to pay of their own free will was "way, way" over the market value for an Enforcer?

We like to deal in reality here rather than be just another forum for a wanna be expert to waste bandwidth spouting unfounded BS. Unfounded trashing of another members legitimate classified post doesn't play well here.

I mean, come on; you are pontificating about the market value of a specific low production volume piece and you haven't even played one. Have you ever even seen one in person?

I'd love to try one of these someday. I wish I wasn't in West Virginia.

Please make me wrong; share your source(s) for these "expert" assessments of loblatency's Classified Ad so the forum members can decide whether you actually have a clue as to what you are posting or if you are just another internet poseur.

I apologize for being harsh, but as I mentioned we try to keep the BS to a minimum here.

By the way there are members of this forum who did indeed work for Sunn "post Conrad", and of course Conrad himself is also a contributing member.

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Re: Sunn Enforcer $1500
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2016, 02:14:20 am »
Sorry op I'm just a poser I guess

admittedly that was annoying and crappy of me to do. you deserve to sell this amp for whatever someone decides to pay for it. I've had people post crap like that in my own FS threads before and it's really obnoxious. I genuinely do apologize.
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